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We manufacture any custom resin decorating items at Chiangmai, Thailand. The french designers and engineers assisted by skilled Thai workers supply for you the best quality and service.

Ultimate Concept Company Limited manager has over 14 years experience and as such we boast a highly skilled technical team delivering quality creations for artisan or semi-industrial custom designed products. We also have a large selection of our own products that can suit most of our customers’ needs.

We ensure the quality of all our products and any custom designs that our customers present to us. Because all work is performed in our factory, we can guarantee absolute secrecy and copyright protection of your custom designs. Whether it be a few items or large scale productions, we strive to deliver.

We have a well trained staff that is trained in all aspects of the industry. We have 3D designers, sculptors, model makers, design/decorators, and technical products personal. We use state of the art materials to ensure top quality and strength of our finished products.

Medium and large scale models are carried out by hand in composite materials and all are subject to the approval of the customer prior to production. Small parts pattern are manufactured by computer-assisted carving.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries or would like to request a quote.



The Ultimate Team